In the Philippines it is usually a combination of Maria and Lourdes.


Elyas meaning "my God is Yahweh". Abalos.



Choose the best name for your child. . It was given to her by her father — Geraldine is the name of Charlie Chaplin’s daughter.

Read on to find the right Filipino name.

Filipino cat names should sound original and beautiful, but Filipinos are also very superstitious. Places; Login. .

Elyas meaning "my God is Yahweh". Reyes.


Pros: Sounds like from a noble family.

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Search 31 million family names. One example of a notable name bearer is the Filipino Roman Catholic saint, Blessed Pedro Calungsod.

Adams or Adamson is a popular British name of Hebrew origin.
Bayabao: This is derived from the Maranao term ‘Bayabaw,’ which refers to the traditional subdivisions of the eastern regions of Lanao.

Feb 9, 2023 · Many surnames by Filipinos come from the Catálogo alfabético de apellidosby Governor-General Narciso Clavería in 1849, whose majority of it are Spanish surnames, but also includes may surnames from Basque, Catalan, Galician, Chinese, Philippine languages (Tagalog, Kapampangan, Cebuano) and some foreign languages.

The Twenty Most Common Filipino Surnames.

There are many traditional Filipino surnames in the Philippines. Top 1000 Surnames in the Philippines; Top 3 Last Names in the Philippines. Remember me.

Places; Login. The origin of a name is often important when trying to stay with Filipino (Philippines) culture. Alab – a Filipino origin word which. 8. Here are the Filipino cat names for you!.

Batungbakal: It is a Tagalog and Filipino surname derived from a combination of two names, namely ‘bato,’ meaning ‘stone,’ and ’bakal,’ meaning ‘iron or steel.

Rafael – meaning “God has healed”. 12.

The last names contain several roots, Spanish, Arabic, Latin, etc.

Mar 4, 2022 · 20+ Popular Filipino Last Names.

Alab – a Filipino origin word which.